Races of Kal'ran

These races are those available for player characters.


As masters of the Feywild, the Eladrin have never held a great connection to the mortal realm. Forced into hiding by the Dragon Lords, they retreated deep into the Feywild, leaving many of their subjects to fend for themselves.

All Eladrin are nobility within the fey kingdom of Kal’ran. Eladrin found wandering the world are usually less alien to others but do retain an air of distance.

(Elf subrace: eladrin)


More common than their Eladrin lords. the elves make up the great majority of the kingdom’s fey population. They are are diverse people, found in the Feywild, forests of the mortal realms, and the cities of men.

Their connection to the fey is weaker than the Eladrin, and so they find interaction with outsiders easier but still strained. Scores of Elves were captured during the Age of Dragons. Those few that have returned to Kal’ran tell harrowing tales of suffering and loss.

(Elf subrace: wood elves)


Since time long past, the Gnomes have shared lands with the Elves. These fey creatures are bonded to the Eladrin by ancient treaties pledging each other to mutual support and defense. When Kal’ran marched to war, its armies were bolstered by the arcane creations of the Gnomish Tinkers Guild.

Unlike the Elves, little is known of the Gnomes that were taken from the Feywild. The youngest are not taught the answers and the elders do not say. They remain steadfastly focused on the future, even as the world decays.

(Gnome subrace: any)


Youngest of all known races, the blending of dragon and humanoid blood produced the Dragonborn in the aftermath of the Great War. Their origins are believed to be in pairings between dragons that took mortal form and the natives of the Kingdom. All known civilized races (save the Warforged) are able to mate with them, producing offspring of either parent’s race.

Dragonborn usually cleave to the culture and customs of their land of birth. They are generally accepted by most and revered as divine by some. Small splinter groups have chosen to isolate themselves to form new communities.

(Dragonborn color: any metallic)


Short-lived and numerous, Humans are found in most of the known world. Those that reside in the kingdom have little to no contact with those without. However, travelers from other lands indicate that they reside in a number of other places in realms beyond.


Elves, being more of the material world than the Fey now, are able to mate with Humans to a limited degree. Most pairings do not result in pregnancy and even fewer produce viable offspring.

These rare individuals are welcome in both human and elven communities but often find that they are drawn to wanderlust; perhaps some odd effect of human curiosity combined with the call of the fey.


The Dawnforge Mountains have been home to the Dwarven people since the dawn of history. Few, perhaps not even the wisest among them, know exactly how expansive the underground domains truly are. Entire clans have split away to form new nations over the millennia.

For those that remain in their ancestral homeland, they have a well-earned reputation as traders and craftsmen. Most goods that travel to or from Kal’ran pass through Dwarven hands.

(Dwarven subrace: any)


When the eladrin king called upon the gnomes to prepare for war against their long oppressors, they responded with the warforged. The exact details of how these beings were developed and deployed so quickly remain a mystery to most. What is known is that legions of these constructs gave battle to the Enemy in the Great War.

Early models of these artificial soldiers contained intricate designs and precious materials. As the war began in earnest, however, they became more utilitarian in their appearance.

While they were designed to be thoughtless soldiers like more conventional golems, some warforged developed individual personalities and sentience. Production was banned after the war’s end, the factories destroyed. Freedom for the warforged as a race came after the eladrin city of Yllaneth fell to a rebellion. They now live there, having renamed it Saoirse.

Most warforged remain unthinking servants, but some still gain a mind of their own from time to time without warning. Within their ranks, this is referred to as their birth. The kingdom has promised that all newly “birthed” individuals are to be granted freedom, and many make their way to Saoirse.

Out of either boredom or aspiration, some leave their adopted home to travel the world. Warforged are generally greeted with trepidation but rarely hostility, as each one is likely a veteran of the Great War.

Races of Kal'ran

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