Setting History

Over six hundred years ago, the Kingdom of Kal’ran was forged in fire. In ages past, draconic warlords ruled these lands. Great titans battled one another for control in a constant struggle. The evil dragon lords enslaved countless peoples to do their bidding, casting their armies against each other. War was ever constant in those troubled times and the dragonqueen Tiamat reveled.

Not all dragons are evil, however, and the followers of Bahamut looked upon the world with horror. They were fewer in number and lived not among their kin. For centuries, their prayers seemed to go unanswered.

Many times heroes would rise up from the oppressed to seek freedom for their people. Each time they would be crushed, for the dragon lords would always halt their campaigns so that such rebellion could be put down.

All of the lords were ambitious, but none more so than the one called The Living Flame. He disregarded the old ways and traditions of his people and brought about the ire of the assembled masses of Tiamat.

This was the time that the great heroes moved to act. With the dragon lords distracted, the fey lords rose up in open rebellion. Soon they were supported by the dragonkin who followed Bahamut. The banners of good flew high as the meager forces of evil reeled in defeat. The Eladrin claimed the land for themselves, founding the kingdom Kal’ran.

A kingdom in name only though, as the forces of Tiamat moved to reclaim their lost territories. None had done so much before, none had battled evil with such desperation. As the armies of Kal’ran clashed with their foes, they began to break.

Unknown to so many at this time, some heroes had not been sent in the lines of battle. Some traveled in search of help. They found the chosen of Bahamut and asked for their help in battle. These good dragons asked the heavens once again for guidance and found answer. They returned too with the heroes and formed an alliance with the fey king.

A great ritual was conducted with the blessings of Bahamut himself, with the greatest spell weavers and clerics channeling his power. Other gods, inspired by the struggle in our world, lent their strength as well. Together they created The Great Pact, in order to protect Kal’ran. The last invocations were completed as the battle was nearly lost.

The new dragon allies engaged their foes in heated combat, paired with mortal champions of Bahamut. Powerful energies washed over the land, weakening the forces of evil. Victory was achieved that day.

Setting History

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